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Curriculum vitae for Jonas Voss

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2002 - 2005
IT-University of Copenhagen
M.Sc. in Design, Communication & Media.
  • IT as a media
  • Interactiondesign
  • Webpublishing (PHP, MySQL)
  • Usability
  • Webprogramming (JavaScript, XML, XSLT, PHP, MySQL)
  • Basic programming (Java)
  • Networks and Protocols (mainly the internet protocol stack)
  • Textual communication on the Internet (writing for the web, narratives)
  • Computergame Theory (geography in computer games, ethics)
  • Digital Culture and Sociology (social media, changing landscape of human interaction through digital communication)
  • XML and XML-based technologies for textmanipulation
Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen
B.Sc., Developmental Geography.
  • Physical Geography
    • geomorphology
    • hydrology
    • glaciology
    • climatology
    • pedology
    • coastal geography
    • aeolian geography
  • Human geography
    • development geography
    • social geography
    • political geography
    • economic geography
    • urban geography
  • Geology
    • paleogeology
    • natural resource geology
    • geochemistry
    • igneous and plutonic rocks
    • plate techtonics
  • Geomatics (Geographical Information Systems)
Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole. Copenhagen
Mathematics, English and Social Studies.

Work experience

October 2007 -
Google Ireland
Strategist (analyst), Online Sales and Operations
Search Quality
June 2006 - October 2007
Associate, Online Sales and Operations
Search Quality
October 2005 - June 2006
Trainee, Online Sales and Operations
Search Quality
1. January 2003 - 1. October 2005
IT-Universitetet of Copenhagen
Macintosh system administrator. 15 hrs/week.
Areas of responsibility:
  • Operation and maintenance of Macintosh (OS 8.6 - OS X & OS X Server) on Campus
  • Purchasing software and hardware for clients and servers
  • Writing documentation for end users
  • Various tasks on Linux Redhat Enterprise servers
  • User support (Windows/Linux/OS X), for students and employees
  • Teaching introductory courses on Linux
  • Teaching introductory courses on Windows
  • Teaching introductory courses on Mac OS X
  • Teaching introductory courses on the network at ITU
1. February 2004 - 1. August 2005
Operation Dagsværk General office
System administrator. 7,5 hrs/week.
Areas of responsibility:
  • Operation and maintenance of Macintosh-clients (OS X)
  • Operation and maintenance of server (Mandrake 9.2), including mail server, LDAP, qmail, ezmlm, MySQL
  • Responsible for purchasing hardware and software
  • Establishing wireless network
  • Migration of address database from FileMaker to MySQL
HUR, København
Student assistant on GIS-project. 30 hrs/week. Duration: 3 months.
Checking data consistency of busroutes against central database using ArcView.
Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen
IT-supporter, 10 hrs/week. Duration: 20 months.
Various tasks, among them:
  • User support
  • Upgrading/replacing hardware
  • Introductory courses in general usage of the computer network and hardware/software.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Copenhagen.
Sales assistant in museum shop, 6 hrs/week. Duration: 30 months.
Café Sommersko, Copenhagen.
Waiter and purchase manager. 40 hrs/week. Duration: 18 months.
Responsible for purchasing goods for the bar.
McMullen & Wing - Yacht And Ship Builders. Auckland, New Zealand
Deckhand. 40 hrs/week. Duration: 3 months.
Worked as deckhand on the complete refitting of the 168ft schooner Shenandoah from 1902.
Café Dan Turell, Copenhagen
Waiter and purchase manager. 17 hrs/week. Duration: 5 months.
Responsible for purchasing goods for the bar.
Central Mail Terminal, Copenhagen
Postal worker, 22,5 hrs/week. Duration: 8 months.
Sorting packages.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Copenhagen
Museum guard, 6 hrs/week. Duration: 24 months.
No touching!
Amtscentralen for Undervisningsmidler (now Amtscentret for Undervisning), Københavns County
Office assistant. 10 hrs/week. Duration: 18 months.
Xerox'ing, delievering mail, shopping, etc.
Apoteket Trianglen. Østerbro, Copenhagen
Messenger. 6 hrs/week. Duration: 26 months.
Delivery of medicine to the inhabitants of Østerbro.


Writing course material and teaching introduction to OS X for students at the IT University of Copenhagen.
Writing course material and teaching introduction to OS X, MS Word and general use of the internet for the employees at Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk.
Writing course material and teaching 1st year students at the Institute of Geography about the network at the institute, software, and basic functions in MS Office applications. 6 lessons of 2hrs duration spread out over 6 weeks.

Technical skills

Well versed:
(X)HTML, CSS2, PHP, MySQL, XML, XSLT, Mac OS 7.x-9.x, Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, MS Office
Linux OS (RedHat, Mandrake), LaTeX
802.11x, ASP, AppleScript, bash, sh, JavaScript, Java, Lingo, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Windows 98/2000/XP.
Avenue, ArcView


Very experienced
Italian (spoken)
French (spoken)

Voluntary work

Code monkey for rapspot.dk, Denmarks oldest (10+ years) and most visited hiphop site.
Voluntary worker for the now defunct Stop the Violence movement at The Roskilde Festival. Setting up graffiti walls, helped setting up the Living Library (here's an HTML version of a PDF about the Living Library Project), did promotion in the camping area.


12 months round the world solo trip, working in New Zealand (5 months) and Australia (4 months). Other destinations: USA, Fiji, Bali, Singapore, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo), Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong and Bangkok.


Tore Vesterby, Jonas C. Voss, John Paulin Hansen, Arne John Glenstrup, Dan Witzner Hansen and Mark Rudolph, 2005. Gaze-guided viewing of interactive movies. Digital Creativity, Vol 16, No. 4, pp. 193-204.


Niels Hallenberg
Tlf: 7218-5124
e-email: nh at itu.dk

Anders Martinusen
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e-mail: am at geogr.ku.dk

Sanne Mi Poulsen
e-mail: smp at hur.dk